Boss of the Year

Boss of the Year

NALS of Phoenix 2017 Boss of the Year Award


If you wish to nominate your boss, you must submit the following:

  1. Your name and the name of your boss.
  2. An anonymous letter of recommendation (this should not contain your name or their name).
  3. A short biography of your boss.

Guidelines for preparing your letter of recommendation:

  • He or she must be your current boss.
  • Only one name may be submitted.
  • The judges consider such things as:
    • Your own view of your boss’s attitude towards you, personally and professionally.
    • Your impression of your boss’s professional conduct, relationship with clients, etc.
    • How he or she is viewed by other members of the firm.
    • How he or she is viewed by the legal community as a whole.
    • His or her participation in legal secretarial affairs.
    • His or her involvement in religious or community activities you think are appropriate.

The Boss of the Year is selected by a panel of three judges (comprised of local members of the legal community) who review the letters submitted. The judges are unaware of who they are voting for and their choice is based solely of the letter you write about your boss.

The Award will be presented at our Awards and Appreciation Banquet in January.



Sandy J Lavender, CHRS
Clark Hill PLC
14850 N Scottsdale Rd
Suite 500
Scottsdale, AZ 85254
Phone: 480-684-1112

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Nathan J. Kunz, Esq.
2017 NALS of Phoenix
Boss of the Year

Past Boss of the Year Recipients

  • Darrell Davis, Clark Hill, PLC (2016)
  • Taylor Young, Esq., Mandel Young PLC (2015)
  • Norma C. Izzo, Esq., Jennings, Strouss & Salmon, PLC (2014)
  • Richard V. Mack, Esq., Mack, Watson & Stratman, PLC (2013)
  • Dax Watson, Esq., Mack, Drucker, & Stratman, PLC (2012)
  • Caren Close, Esq. , Scottsdale City Prosecutor’s Office (2011)
  • Paul S. Gerding, Jr., Esq., Kutak Rock, LLP (2010)
  • David E. McDowell, Esq., Renaud Cook Drury Mesaros, PA (2009)
  • Scott Rose, Esq., The Cavanagh Law Firm (2008)
  • David Horowitz, Esq., Dodge, Anderson, Mabelson, Steiner, Jones & Horowitz, Ltd. (2007)
  • Mark A. Nadeau, Esq., Squire Sanders & Dempsey (2006)
  • Cynthia Ricketts, Esq., Squire Sanders & Dempsey (2004)