Firm of the Year

Firm of the Year

The Firm of the Year award is selected by a panel of three judges (comprised of local members of the legal community) who review the letters submitted. The judges are unaware of who they are voting for and their choice is based solely on the letter you write about your firm. The award will be presented at the NALS of Phoenix Awards and Appreciation Banquet in January.

Please submit Firm of the Year applications by December 4, 2016 to Kathy Sieckman, PP, PLS-SC, ACP, Law Firm of the Year Chairperson. Click here for the Guidelines for your letter of recommendation.

NOTE: Law firms that are previous recipients of this award are ineligible to participate until three years has elapsed from the year the award was presented

Clark Hill, PLC
2016 NALS of Phoenix
Firm of the Year

Past Firm of the Year Recipients

  • Sacks, Ricketts & Case, LLP (2015)
  • Jennings, Strouss & Salmon, PLC (2014)
  • Mandel Young (2013)
  • Collins, May, Potenza, Baran & Gillespie, P.C. (2012)
  • Mack, Drucker & Watson, PLC (2011)
  • Kutak Rock, LLP (2010)
  • Renaud Cook Drury Mesaros, PA (2009)
  • DLA Piper LLP (USA) (2008)
  • Shughart Thomson & Kilroy, P.C. (2007)
  • Dodge, Anderson, Mableson, Steiner, Jones & Horowitz, Ltd. (2006)