Scholarship Awards


NALS of Phoenix is awarding one scholarship in the amount of $500 to a student who intends to pursue their education in the legal field.  In addition, any NALS of Phoenix member in good standing is eligible to submit an application for the NALS of Phoenix scholarship.

All applications must be made upon this form approved by NALS of Phoenix (a copy of which is attached) and returned in triplicate (original plus two copies).  All applications must be signed by the applicant.  Once the application has been completed, it should be mailed to:

NALS of Phoenix Scholarship Chair

Ann Sachet
Quarles & Brady LLP
Renaissance One
2 North Central Avenue
Phoenix, AZ 85004

or via Email: 

Scholarship funds will be paid directly to the institution and/or entity with whom the scholarship winner intends to use the funds.  Upon petition to the Board of Directors, and for good cause shown, scholarship funds may be disbursed directly to a scholarship winner.  In such case, the Board will require that receipts for such funds be provided to the State Scholarship Chairman.  Scholarship funds are to be used for any legal field related expense (e.g. tuition, books, PP, PLS or ALS exam fees, or other educational opportunity sponsored by NALS of Phoenix or NALS).

In the event that a scholarship winner withdraws or is dropped by the institution at any time prior to full use of the funds, the funds shall be retained by NALS of Phoenix.

The scholarship winner must commence collection of the award no later than December 31, 2020 following announcement of said winner, or the scholarship shall be forfeited.  Further, a scholarship winner must finish collection of the scholarship award within five (5) years of announcement of the award, or the remainder of the scholarship shall be forfeited.  This scholarship cannot be used for payment of student loans already in existence.

DEADLINE for submission of applications is October 30, 2019.